Vismed Eye Drops Unit Dose (20)


The classic version of Vismed eye drops. Vismed single dose vials contain 0.18% sodium hyaluronate and a number of important essential ions (salt nutrients) for the cornea. The special formulation of Vismed ensures immediate relief from the symptoms of dry eyes, and sufficient moisturisation of all the tissue in the eye.

Vismed is the only lubricant eye drop preparation that contains both sodium hyaluronate and essential ions, as such it is very close in characteristics to the natural tear film. The inclusion of both sodium hyaluronate and essential ions in Vismed is possible because of its unique patented formulation. Vismed offers people with sensations of dry eyes an unmatched combination of symptomatic relief and comfort.

We recommend Vismed as a reliable treatment for sensations of dryness in the eye.


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