Nuxe Super Serum [10] (30ml)


Super Serum [10]: skin behaves as if it were 10 years younger(1).

A fusion of Laboratoire NUXE’s expertise in botanical oils and anti-aging skincare, this serum with natural hyaluronic acid is infused with thousands of micro-spheres of fractionated Botanical Oils. It stimulates the skin’s youth mechanisms for extraordinary anti-aging effectiveness.

From the 1st drops, skin appears transformed: smoothed, replumped and luminous.

Within a few weeks, proven anti-aging effectiveness(2): wrinkles and fine lines are faded, 84% of women feel their skin is smoother, 71% feel their skin is firmer. Dark spots appear corrected; 81% of women feel their complexion is more even.

Anti-aging effectiveness and ultimate pleasure thanks to its fresh and silky texture with subtle botanical notes that melts divinely into the skin.

Skincare formulated and produced in France.

(1)In vitro test.

(2)Use test – 31 women – satisfaction% after 28 days of use.


Dispense a pea-sized amount of serum or half a pipette, spread the texture lightly over the fingers and then apply to the face, always working from the centre outwards (avoiding the eye area). Don’t forget the neck and the top of the décolleté.

Let the texture melt into the skin for 30 seconds and then apply your moisturizer.

Ideally in the morning and evening.


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