Nuxe Sun Delicious Fragrant Water (30ml)


An irresistible take on the feel-good holiday scent of the sun care range, the Delicious Fragrant Water captures the warm glow of summer in its bottle with sunset hues. Its radiant harmonies of Sweet Orange and Petitgrain exercise a captivating appeal. Take off to tropical shores with its notes of Coconut and Tiare Flowers, caressed by a sensual wave of Vanilla and Musk.

Fragrance formulated and produced in France.


Spray a burst of Delicious Fragrant Water then walk through this fragrant cloud to cloak your body in its scent.

For a more subtle effect, spray it onto your hair brush. The fragrance will then be dispersed evenly over your hair when you brush it. You can also spray a mist of scent over your sheets to enjoy sunny dreams…

Do not expose to the sun.


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