Nuxe Body Exalting Fragrant Water (30ml)


This fragrant water, a feel-good concentrate with invigorating and revitalising properties, boosts the senses with its addictive scent combining notes of Rhubarb, Green Tea and fresh Herbs. Its lingering zesty scent creates a refreshing sensation, cloaking the skin like a halo of well-being.

91%* of women experience a sensation of freshness and find their skin is soft.

*Consumer test – 63 volunteers. Satisfaction % immediately after application.

Formulated and produced in France.


Whenever you wish, spray the perfume over the skin from a distance of a few centimetres, focusing on the neck and insides of the wrists.

You can also spray a cloud of perfume and then step into it to envelop your entire body in its fragrance.

For a more subtle effect, spray onto the hair brush.


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