Hyco San Plus Contact Lens Compat (7.5ml)


Hycosan Plus Eye Drops are convenient and long lasting eye drops that provide you with daily eye comfort. Whether you are dealing with the discomfort of daily screen usage, environmental factors or dry eyes, these drops offer you the perfect blend of relief and hydration.

The unique formula combines sodium hyaluronate and ectoin to provide you with immediate, long lasting relief. Your eyes will be provided with a protective barrier and the moisture will be locked in, ensuring that they stay comfortable throughout the day.

Hycosan Plus Eye Drops are free from preservatives, making them gentle and safe for frequent use on sensitive eyes.


Wash your hands before using the product.

Tilt your head backwards and look upwards. Gently pull down the lower lid of the eye and insert 1 drop into the gap between your eye and eyelid. Blink a few times to ensure even distribution of the drops.


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