Daktarin Intensiv Cream (15g)


Daktarin Intensiv is a cream containing ketoconazole used to treat fungal skin infections on the feet (Athlete’s Foot) or in the groin area (Dhobe Itch/tinea cruris). This cream is highly effective in relieving the itchiness caused by these infections and will also provide long-lasting protection against Athlete’s Foot.


Wash the infected area of the skin and make sure it’s thoroughly dry, particularly in between the toes. Keep your towel to yourself to avoid spreading the contagious infection to other people. Apply a thin layer of the cream onto the affected area and the surrounding skin. Wash your hands carefully after applying the cream to avoid spreading the infection to other people. Unless told otherwise by your doctor or pharmacist, apply Daktarin Intensiv to the affected area once or twice a day.


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