Pregnancy Test

pregnancy test

Serum Pregnancy Test

The serum pregnancy test is a sensitive blood test that measures the presence of a glycoprotein hormone called human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in the female body. This test is the best examination for detecting pregnancy in the early stages. It is also useful for detecting suspected ectopic pregnancy or other pregnancy-related problems.

It is advised not to consume any multivitamin or dietary supplement containing biotin 12 hours before the serum pregnancy test.

What’s The Process?

Reach Out for Appointment

You can visit our website or contact our health clinic nearest to you. Our team is available 24/7 to guide you through the pregnancy test process and communicate any prior preparations for the test. We’re happy to answer all your queries related to the general health screen.

Visit the Clinic

You can then visit us at your nearest location for the test during the booked slot. Our General Practitioner (GP) collects the serum sample in a private and comfortable setting. The process is seamless and easy to navigate.

Get Your Results

Our team will directly deliver the results after analysing the tests. They will help you decipher your test results and offer personal recommendations.

Who Shall Consider the Test?

The hCG test is supposedly for females expecting pregnancy, even through in-vitro fertilization procedures. It is also suitable for detecting ectopic pregnancy or any other pregnancy-related complication in the early stages. 

Please note that this test is not meant to monitor tumours or gestational trophoblastic diseases.